Pride and Prejudice (2019)

About Us


Cross-Stitch Theater Company is a Pittsburgh based arts organization that believes that artistic employment should be about art rather than power. As female artists ourselves, we have observed the lack of opportunities afforded to women in theater, and, indeed in the world more broadly. Women are often passed over for directorial and production positions, and their written work is often overshadowed by the works of canonical authors who are, almost by default, male. We believe that theater is an ideal medium with which to address inequality and important social issues of all kinds. To normalize some of the changes that the company would like to see in the industry and to highlight creativity and drive that might otherwise be overlooked, Cross-Stitch will focus on producing works that are written and directed by women and performed by everyone. By focusing on working with women’s writing of the past and present, we envision our company also providing opportunities for women in the future, not only by offering employment opportunities, but by offering a model of what they can achieve and what they should expect from their peers. We seek to make theater that prioritizes fair and genuine working relationships between theater artists and that inspires fair and genuine relationships in the broader community. Our hope is that we can empower and encourage our audiences to appreciate those who are underrepresented in every vocation.